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Why Lease


Leasing a domain is just like leasing an apartment or a car. You are able to maximize your web presence and minimize your retail cost. Having a minimal monthly payment you are able to invest your capital in other aspects of your business.


Leasing a local domain allows you to create a presence in a specific area thereby putting you in touch with customers who need your services now – for example, for a lawyer, real estate agent, pool builder … any profession or trade.


Another thing to keep in mind with a local domain lease is that you do not have to worry about the big upfront investment of a premium domain name. Being able to lease the name as an option allows for a low upfront cost. Many businesses do not make it easy for their customers to find them on the web so think in terms of KISS (keep it simple stupid) we have all heard and yet do we do it?

Here is your chance to keep it simple with a local domain lease in your area your city/towns name and your profession/trade. For example, If you are looking for a lawyer in your local city (Kyle, TX) what would you type in or say to the browser of your phone? City/Lawyers? Kyle, Lawyers” will give you the opportunity to be on the top of the list! Go Local.


This is a great way to get the Internet presence you are looking for - even if you have an existing site, leasing a local domain will help new clients find you and build your local brand.

While there is no guarantee, you do stand a better chance with multiple domains that can produce multiple points of contact.


One of the nice things about domain leasing is that it allows you to be able to invest in multiple domains. This is important as the more your site is out there, the better chances you have for your customers to find you. You may want to temporarily redirect traffic to your main site or just simply have a new unique site that has a separate point of contact built out.


There may be certain tax advantages of leasing a domain name over actually purchasing one. To find out the tax implications of leasing a domain, consult your tax professional.


You will also find that you have a number of different options to help make the domain affordable for you. One is to lease at a low entry price and lock in leasing the domain name. Leasing with local domain lease is nice because it will give you the ability to have all the benefits of leasing with the ability to buy the domain in the future at a predetermined price point. This can help you feel comfortable knowing that the domain is in your control at all times.


For certain brick and mortar stores and online businesses this may be beneficial.

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