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Leasing Domain Names

The domain name plays an important role in the success of a local business it’s website and web presence. Many websites even use it as a business name, a tag that identifies them online. In general, new website and online business owners have a choice between buying and leasing their domain name however a good local city plus profession name can be hard to come by today. Weighting the options can be tricky and each domain option has its own pros and cons but what you need to know right away is rather simple: What is the difference between leasing a local domain name or buying a off beat one up domain name? Let’s find out… it’s simple ask yourself or your customers how they would search for your business online.

Leasing Your Domain Name

When you lease a domain name, you essentially rent out the rights to use it to another person for a specific time period. In most cases, domain name leases can last from one to five years. It is an excellent option for domain name owners who want to earn an income from their property (the domain name) and retain complete control over the DNS information. You name your price and you can even decide to offer a purchase option to the lessee should he or she decide to buy the name someday.

If you go for the local domain lease, you also get to enjoy a number of benefits. A local domain lease, for example, allows your end user to enjoy a high recognizability factor among his or her target market, especially if he or she wants to sell or get in touch with local traffic. A local domain lease also lets you show support for local businesses, establishments and personalities.

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